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My son and I love Voilà! As a mom, I am always looking for a healthy and tasty treat. Voilà is both healthy and delicious! My personal favorite is the Mint Chocolate and my son loves them all! If you have not tried this yet, put it on your grocery list!

Melissa Wever

Our family of 5 loves to eat Voilà Frozen Yogurt after meals. We have three young kids and regularly watch old episodes of Little House on the Prairie while enjoying Voilà. As a health conscious family, the ingredient clean, low sugar, high fiber and creamy taste combined with the perfect serving cup makes this the favorite healthy grab-n-go desert for us.

Brian Stordahl

I have tried almost all of their flavors and they are all so unique and flavorful in their own way! They are creamy and smooth and provide a flavor which is satisfying yet not over powerful! I am a big fan of desserts and by eating frozen yogurt with all the added health benefits I don't feel bad about eating it! Highly recommend to anyone who loves ice cream, you will not be disappointed!

Lauren Ware

Voilà tastes delicious and guilt-free with all the added health benefits. It is creamy and satisfies my sweet tooth as a healthier alternative to ice cream.

Maddie Strand

Stuff is great! New favorite late-night snack. Their chocolate frozen yogurt dropped down from heaven!

Micah Mendoza

Had the chocolate flavor & it was sooo delicious! Plus it’s fiber rich & has probiotics!! what more could a girl ask for??

Dina Hasic

Obsessed! So creamy and smooth, absolutely love this frozen yoghurt 

Monique Macalister

This is a great tasting and fiber rich treat that tastes just like Ice cream! Several people lack fiber in their diets and this is a healthier alternative than ice cream. The mint chocolate flavor is my favorite, highly recommend it for everyone!

Ally Cochran

I tried two different flavors of voila yogurt, YUM. It was delicious. Not only does this yogurt taste amazing, it is also healthy for you. I recommend this frozen yogurt to EVERYONE!!

Erik Lavahn